2015 Calls: 804

Fire EMS
Jan 49 56
Feb 56 43
Mar 57 45
Apr 65 35
May 40 33
Jun 83 42
Jul 48 60
Aug 55 37
Total 453 351


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Mission Statement:

The Mocksville Fire Department Members dedicate ourselves to the protection of our community's quality of life through fire suppression, emergency medical care and hazardous materials response. We further strive to reduce losses from these events through community education, constant quality training and education.

The Mocksville Fire Department is currently accepting applications for the position of firefighter for daytime staff positions. These positions will be on a part-time basis with a maximum of 20 hours per week of duty time. The work schedule will include Monday – Friday from 0700 -1800 hrs. A job description is available upon request.

Prerequisite requirements for applying are as follows:

  1. 1Minimum of 18 years old & High School Graduate or GED
  2. NC Firefighter Level I & II Certification
  3. NC EMT Basic
  4. Valid NC Operators License (Class “C” minimum) - Must obtain NC Class”B” within 1 year of hire date
  5. Must be available to for up to 20 hrs per week

Anyone interested may pick up an application at the Mocksville Town Hall located at 171 N.Clement St. Mocksville. Applicants will be subject to criminal background check in accordance with NC G.S. 114-19.12. Application must include a current resume along with college transcript or other proof of prerequisite training. Applications will be accepted through April 30, 2015.


Vehicle Fire
On 7/8/15 Mocksville Fire was dispatched to assist Center VFD with a vehicle fire. E2205 arrived to find a working fire. MFD crew stretched a 1-3/4" attack line and extinguished the fire. Center VFD Tanker 1305 arrived and stood by for water supply and assisted with traffic control. Call was completed, no other actions required.


Kidfest 2015
MFD members assisted with Kidsfest in May, this is an annual event hosted by Davie County Social Services and Child Development Services. The event is held at the Masonic Picnic Grounds in Mocksville and was attended by over 1000 people. MFD members gave out fire education material to children and parents.


2015 Spring Duties
MFD members have completed spring duties, including pump testing,hose testing and hydro testing of Level "A" suits.


Vehicle Fire
On April 14, 2015 at 0430 hrs Mocksville Fire was dispatched to a reported vehicle fire next to a house. Mocksville PD units arrived and advised we had a working fire about 50 ft from the house. E2201 arrived and crew deployed a 1-3/4" attack line and extinguished the fire. E2205 stood by for water supply. The house was checked for damage and found none. The incident was controled with out any further incident.


Traffic Accident with Fuel Spill
On 4-13-15 at 0830 hrs Mocksville Fire was dispatched to a traffic accident with property damage and fuel spill. E2201 arrived to find a tractor trailer with a rupture in saddle tank. Command requested HM1 and Davie EM Upon arrival of HM1 crews placed pads and booms out to contain spilled fuel and set up to pump off approx. 150 gallons of fuel. Station 24 was requested to respond with extra fuel barrels. Incident was brought under control without further incident.


Apartment Fire
On March 26, 2015 at 1744 the Mocksville Fire Department with Center VFD as mutual aid was dispatched to a water flow alarm at the Willhaven Apartment complex. E2201 responed and while enroute Davie Communications advised that they were receiving multiple calls from the complex reporting an apartment fire. E2201 arrived to find nothing visible from a 3 story apartment building that was being evacuated. MFD crews reported to the apartment involved on Division 2 to find the sprinkler system activated and heavy smoke interior. MFD crew made entry to find a kitchen fire that was controled by the sprinkler system. Interior crews completed extinguishment and conducted a primary search finding the apartment clear. As other personnel arrived, salvage operations were started on the first floor and building was checked for any extention. The sprinkler system was controlled and crews assisted with removing water from the building. Red Cross was contacted for the occupants and incident was brought under conrol. The cause of the fire was unattended grease on the stove.


Haz-Mat Incident
On March 19, 2015 at 0800 hrs the Mocksville Fire Department was dispatched to respond with Hazmat 1 and operate as Davie County Hazmat Team assisting Station 15 Fork VFD with a tractor trailer accident with fuel leak and spill on Hwy 64 East. Hazmat 1 responded with 2 Technician Level personnel. Upon arrival to the scene personnel used equipment to off load approximately 40 gallons of diesel fuel. SQ22 responded in support of Hazmat 1 with 25 bags of oil dry to cover spillled oil and fuel on the roadway. No other Hazmat actions required, Hazmat 1 returned to quarters to decon equipment.