Recent Incidents


Structure Fire
On 12/10/16 Mocksville Fire was dispatched to a second possible house fire. L22 with SCVFD E1602 and automatic aid from William R Davie Station 17 responded. L22 & E1602 arrived to find a 2 story residential with light smoke coming from a window. Investigation found the fire had been extinguished by the occupants. Fire crews checked for extension with Thermal Camera finding none. Microwave and stove were removed and power secure, smoke was removed by PPV fan. No other actions were required, fire was accidental.


Structure Fire
On 12/10/16 at 1455 hrs Mocksville Fire with automatic aid from Fork Station 15 VFD were dispatched to a reported house fire with a elderly subject possibly inside. MFD E2205 responded with a crew of 2 and reported heavy smoke visible from the station and upon arrival found a residential structure with heavy involvement on the "Charlie" side. Mutual aid was requested from Jerusalem Station 21 to the scene and Sheffield Callahan Station 16 for district coverage. As manpower arrived search and fire attack was made and the fire was brought under control. Search was negative, the occupant was away at the time of the fire. DC Fire Marshall was on site and conducted initial investigation. No injuries were reported. The fire was accidental in nature and caused heavy damage to the home.


Lumber Yard Fire
Friday October 28 at approximately 0430 hrs the Mocksville Fire Department with automatic aid from County Line VFD and Center VFD was dispatched to a possible building fire at 127 Buck Seaford Rd. E2201 arrived on scene at the Seaford Lumber Company to find a very large fire involving wood pallets and scrap processed wood of various shapes and sizes, the pile was 150' x 100' and 30' high. There was also a pile of sawdust about 300' x 300' and 50' tall involved with exposure of a large tub grinder and knuckle boom. No buildings were involved. Two additional departments were called by the Officer of E2201 for tankers and manpower.
The initial operation began as protecting the exposures until they could be moved away by employees, once the equipment was moved a suppression operation was started.
The fire occurred in a rural water area of MFD district, tanker mutual aid from Rowan, Iredell and other Davie County departments were called to the scene and a tanker shuttle operation was started. The water hauling operation supported E2201 and L22 pumping the fire. It was estimated that over 250,000 gallons of water was used at the scene. At least 12 departments had trucks hauling water, some stations with two & three trucks. Station coverage was provided by other Davie County stations and Yadkin. The fire was brought under control around 0900 hrs and a decision was made to create a fire break with an on site excavator and allow the remaining wood to burn up. Some resources were released but other crews remained onsite until 1600hrs. E2204 remained on site for fire watch until 0700hrs on Saturday.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to all the agencies and people who were involved in the event, it was a very successful operation saving the owner of the company nearly a half million dollars worth of equipment. Departments and personnel that had never worked together before came together that night and performed as profesionals!

I am truly thankful for each of you and PROUD of each of you!!

Frank B. Carter
Fire Chief


Structure Fire
MFD along with automatic aid from Station 15 Fork & Cornatzer Station 19 were dispatched to a reported structure fire at a local industry. Station 18 County Line also responded to the scene for RIT standby, DCEMS stood by with ALS unit. DCFM arrived to find a fire in a large dryer inside the plant. E2201 arrived and established water supply; crews went interior to extinguish and check for extension. L22 was staged on scene. The fire was contained to the dryer, the product was removed and taken outside the building to complete extinguishment. No other actions were taken, scene was left with plant personnel.


Compactor Fire
On 10-7-16 MFD was dispatched to a possible dumpster fire at a poultry processing plant. Upon arrival crews found a large compactor on fire away from the building. The dumpster was filled with trash, cooking oil and other materials. 2200 established command and ordered crews to keep the exterior of the container cool and allowed interior products to burn off. Once fire had consumed the majority of contents, the rest was dumped out and extinguished. A blanket of Class A foam was applied to smoldering remains. Left scene with plant personnel for cleanup.


MVA Entrapment
On 9-28-16 Mocksville Fire was dispatched to a traffic accident with injury. MFD E-2201 arrived to find a two car T-Bone type collision with one car on it's side and two people entrapped. MFD members set up struts to stabilize the vehicle and once stabilized removed the front windshield and flapped open the roof to gain access to the patients. Patients were removed and placed in care of DCEMS.

Kelly Dinner

James Kelly Apreciation Dinner
On Monday Sept. 12, 2016 members of Mocksville Fire Dept. hosted an appreciation dinner for Mr. James Kelly for his 50 plus years of dedicated service. Mr. Kelly was given a shadow box that held his badges, name plates and turnout coat name plate and his dress uniform. Mr. Kelly has been a mentor to many members over the course his service time and his guidance and leadership will be missed.


Ropes Training
Mocksville Fire Department members conduct rope rescue training with members from Center Volunteer FD.


House Fire
On 3/29/16 Mocksville Fire Department with mutual aid from Center Station 13 & County Line Station 18 was dispatched to a structure fire on County Home Rd outside of Mocksville. E2205 arrived to find a single story residential structure 50% involved. An 800' 5" supply line was laid to the nearest hydrant. Due to low hydrant flow and low manpower additional tankers and manpower were called for by Command. An exterior attack was made to knock down main body of fire; once on scene manpower was sufficient an interior attack was made on the remaining fire. The fire was controlled and extinguished; cause of the fire investigated by DC FMO.


Industrial Fire
On Saturday March 12, 2016 Mocksville Fire Department with mutual aid from Fork VFD was dispatched to a possible structure fire at an industrial site. Upon arrival Asst.Chief 2210 established command and reported nothing visible from outside of a large industruial facility. Plant personnel reporting an odor of smoke on 5th floor. Crews entered with plant maintenance and located a fire inside of a silo on 5th floor. E2205 established water supply and standpipe was pumped to supplied to attack lines on the 5th floor. L22 was set up for emergency egress and possible fire attack. The fire was extinguished and declared under control. During rehab and recovery a support staff firefighter experiance medical issue and injury on the 5th floor from a fall. Immediate first aid was administered by on scene fire fighters and Command requested additional aid from Smith Grove Fire Dept. and Davie County Rescue. DC EMS provided care for injured firefighter. The firefighter was removed from the 5th floor and transported to NC Baptist Hospital by EMS. The injured firefighter was released from hospital later the same day and is recovering.


Commercial Structure Fire
On 1-11-16 Mocksville Fire responded to a reported structure fire at the KFC on Yadkinville Rd. E2201 arrived to find smoke coming from the interior of the building and the restaurant evacuated. MFD crews went inside to find a fryer on fire in the kitchen. A quick knockdown was made on the fire limiting damage to the building. Crews laddered the building and checked for extension. nding none, the incident was declared under control with no injuries. DC FMO investigated the fire determining it to be an equipment failure.


Structure Fire
On 10/15/15 at 0803 hrs Mocksville Fire was dispatched with mutual aid from Smith Grove VFD to a possible structure fire in the area of 1300 N. Main St. MFD E2201 arrived to find heavy smoke coming from a single story ranch style house. Smith Grove E2401 arrived and laid 200' of LDH supply to E2201. MFD personnel stretched a 1.75" handline to the front door on the "A" side. Personnel entered the "A" side to find heavy smoke and high heat conditions. Interior crews withdrew to perform outside ventilation through windows while a second 1.75" line was stretched to the "C" side and the fire was attacked through a sliding glass rear door where the fire had vented itself. Once the fire was knocked down crews entered again from the "A" side to complete extinguishment and perform a primary search which was negative. The fire was brought under control with no injuries or further loss; 2 adults were displaced. Red Cross was called to provide assistance to occupants. DC FMO investigated.


Vehicle Fire
On 7/8/15 Mocksville Fire was dispatched to assist Center VFD with a vehicle fire. E2205 arrived to find a working fire. MFD crew stretched a 1-3/4" attack line and extinguished the fire. Center VFD Tanker 1305 arrived and stood by for water supply and assisted with traffic control. Call was completed, no other actions required.


Vehicle Fire
On April 14, 2015 at 0430 hrs Mocksville Fire was dispatched to a reported vehicle fire next to a house. Mocksville PD units arrived and advised we had a working fire about 50 ft from the house. E2201 arrived and crew deployed a 1-3/4" attack line and extinguished the fire. E2205 stood by for water supply. The house was checked for damage and found none. The incident was controled with out any further incident.


Traffic Accident with Fuel Spill
On April 13, 2015 at 0830 hrs Mocksville Fire was dispatched to a traffic accident with property damage and fuel spill. E2201 arrived to find a tractor trailer with a rupture in saddle tank. Command requested HM1 and Davie EM Upon arrival of HM1 crews placed pads and booms out to contain spilled fuel and set up to pump off approx. 150 gallons of fuel. Station 24 was requested to respond with extra fuel barrels. Incident was brought under control without further incident.


Apartment Fire
On March 26, 2015 at 1744 the Mocksville Fire Department with Center VFD as mutual aid was dispatched to a water flow alarm at the Willhaven Apartment complex. E2201 responed and while enroute Davie Communications advised that they were receiving multiple calls from the complex reporting an apartment fire. E2201 arrived to find nothing visible from a 3 story apartment building that was being evacuated. MFD crews reported to the apartment involved on Division 2 to find the sprinkler system activated and heavy smoke interior. MFD crew made entry to find a kitchen fire that was controled by the sprinkler system. Interior crews completed extinguishment and conducted a primary search finding the apartment clear. As other personnel arrived, salvage operations were started on the first floor and building was checked for any extention. The sprinkler system was controlled and crews assisted with removing water from the building. Red Cross was contacted for the occupants and incident was brought under conrol. The cause of the fire was unattended grease on the stove.


Haz-Mat Incident
On March 19, 2015 at 0800 hrs the Mocksville Fire Department was dispatched to respond with Hazmat 1 and operate as Davie County Hazmat Team assisting Station 15 Fork VFD with a tractor trailer accident with fuel leak and spill on Hwy 64 East. Hazmat 1 responded with 2 Technician Level personnel. Upon arrival to the scene personnel used equipment to off load approximately 40 gallons of diesel fuel. SQ22 responded in support of Hazmat 1 with 25 bags of oil dry to cover spillled oil and fuel on the roadway. No other Hazmat actions required, Hazmat 1 returned to quarters to decon equipment.


Garage Fire
On 10/28/14 at 0947 hrs the Mocksville Fire Department along with mutual aid from Station 13 Center and Station 17 William R Davie was dispatched to a reported garage fire. E2201 arrived to find a working fire in a detached garage approx. 1200 sq ft. in size. MFD crew stretched 13/4" attack line and made an offensive fire attack. Water supply was set up by mutual aid companies. No injuries were reported and DC Fire Marshals office conducted the investigation.


Mocksville FD has Busy Memorial Day
It was a busy Memorial Day 2014 for MFD firefighters who spent the day answering several calls for service with 4 of those being traffic accidents.


Mobile Home Fire
On April 18th at approx. 1400hrs the Mocksville Fire Dept. with mutual aid from Smith Grove Fire Dept. were dispatched to a reported structure fire on South Angell Rd. Smith Grove Chief 2400 arrived and reported a single wide mobile home heavily involved, MFD E2201 arrived and its crew began aggresive interior attack and search. SG E2401 arrived and provided water supply and back up crew, a tanker from Station 17 was requested due to lack of hydrants in the area. Search was negative and fire was brought under control in 15mins. Davie County FM Office performed investigation of the fire. No injuries were reported.


MVA Entrapment
The Mocksville Fire Dept. responded to a 2 vehicle accident with one person entrapped at S. Main and E. Lexington Rd. Rescue Squad assisted Mocksville Fire with extrication of the patient. Davie County EMS transported the Patient to the hospital.

Buck Seaford

Structure Fire
Mocksville FD was dispatched to a reported structure fire while units were out on a grass/woods fire on Elberon Ct. 2200 & 2201 along with several POVs responded from Elberon Ct & 2205 responded from the station with 1. Arived to find a brick ranch home 75 - 80 % involved with an adjacent structure on the "D" side starting to burn. There was also a 1 acre grass fire extending from the "C" side of the original fire building. 2200 established command and reported this would be a defensive fire attack only. A 1-3/4" attack line was extended to the "D" exposure, command ordered a drop tank and tanker shuttle operation to be set up. Additional tankers were requested along with brush trucks and Forestry Service. Several exterior attacks were made and crews faced water supply issues. 2 water points were set up for the tanker shuttle and upon establishing consistent water supply the fire was brought under control. L-22 was set up to complete extinguishment and overhaul due to the structure being a total loss. The grass & woods fire was extinguished as well without further damage to any structures. The "D" exposure had melted siding and very minor flame damage around the eaves. Units were decomitted and released to return and clean up.


Garage Fire June 13, 2013
Mocksville Fire Department along with Smith Grove Fire Department responded to a structure fire on Main St. in Mocksville. Units arrived to find a large 60x40 detached garage 75% involved along with three exposure fires involving vehicles. Fire suppression was started as an exterior operation. The garage and exposures were extinguished and overhauled without incident. The residence received minor heat damage and there were no injuries.


Structure Fire March 5, 2013
Mocksville Fire Department along with Center Station 13 were dispatched to a possible structure fire with a subject trapped inside. Mocksville engine 2201 arrived on scene to confirm a working house fire. Fire attack and search were initiated. The fire was kept in check and the victim was found. Mocksville personnel removed the victim from the house and started CPR in the front yard. Despite best efforts from fire and EMS the victim succumbed to injuries sustained in the fire. The fire was extinguished and the incident was resolved.


Structure Fire
Mocksville Fire Department was dispatched to a possible structure fire. Mocksville personnel arrived on scene to confirm a working house fire. All the occupants were out of the residence. Mocksville Fire Department with the assistance of Smith Grove VFD and Cornatzer VFD were able to stop the blaze. Red Cross was contacted to take care of the victims. Fire personnel successfully salvaged cell phones, clothes and other personal items. The Davie County Fire Marshall conducted an extensive investigation and concluded that the fire started in the laundry room due to an equipment malfunction.

Recent Events

Extrication training

Extrication Training
Mocksville Fire Department conducted vehicle extrication training at local wrecker service yard, personnel trained on use of Rescue 42 Strutts and Hurst Edraulic tools.


Kidfest 2015
MFD members assisted with Kidsfest in May, this is an annual event hosted by Davie County Social Services and Child Development Services. The event is held at the Masonic Picnic Grounds in Mocksville and was attended by over 1000 people. MFD members gave out fire education material to children and parents.


2015 Spring Duties
MFD members have completed spring duties, including pump testing,hose testing and hydro testing of Level "A" suits.


Christmas Party and Awards Banquet
On December 5th 2014 the Mocksville Fire Dept. held its Annual Christmas Party and Awards Banquet. The dinner was attended by over 100 people including retired members and their families, Town Board members and NC House Representative Julia Howard. A catered meal was provided and a special appearance by the big man in the red suit for the children present.

The awards portion of the night included the presentation of CPR pins to members who were involved in a CPR saves in 2014. Those members were: FF/EMT Randy Waller, FF/EMT Daniel Callaway, FF/EMT Steve Belcher, FF/EMT Jeff Russell, FF/EMT Ben Conner, Lt. Jason Proctor, Lt. Ray Moore, Capt. Jeff Lagle, and Asst Chief Lonnie Horne.

1 Year Service Awards were given to Ben Lagle & Austin Lakey.
10 year Service Awards were given to Brian Harris & Kelly Hill.

The 2014 First Responder of the Year Award was given to Daniel Callaway.
The 2014 Fire Fighter of the Year Award was given to Brian Harris.


Christmas Light/Rope Training
On October 5th members of the Mocksville Fire Department performed maintenance on the Christmas Lights that adorn the water tank behind the station, in preparation for the lighting of the Town's Christmas lights on 11/21/14. This has become an annual event and members use it as an opportunity to train on our rope rescue skills. We replaced over 500 bulbs on the water tank.

Live burn

Live Burn Training
Mocksville Fire Department conducted Live Burn Training on 6/7/14. Members from Mocksville, Fork VFD, Cooleemee VFD, County Line VFD and Union Grove VFD participated.

MES water

Mocksville Elementary Water Day
On May 21st 2014, Mocksville Fire Department staff helped with Mocksville Elementary School's "Water Day". Kids and adults enjoyed the day!


Rope Rescue Training
Firefighters are called on to rescue people in all kinds of dangerous situations. Mocksville FD members conducted rope rescue training conducted in the station to practive high angle rope rescue techniques.


Haz-Mat Training
Mocksville Fire Department provides hazardous materials response to all of Davie County. Members are highly trained in the use of special equipment to deal with hazardous emergencies. Mocksville haz-mat team members recently conducted some Level A suit training.