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Fire Safety: How to Protect Your Home During the Holiday Season

During the holidays, all too often in our rush to get everything done to make the season special we overlook some of the basic safety precautions necessary to make everything magical. Home fires is one of the leading causes of holiday disasters and these fires are more often than not, completely preventable. Rapid Refile, LLC, a document restoration and disaster recovery service, has put together a very helpful fire prevention guide for home owners to follow this holiday season to ensure a safe and disaster-free celebration. The following is some of the recommendations they have compiled (see full article for references): Christmas Tree Safety and Fire Prevention: * Keep trees securely upright in a stand to ensure that it will not accidentally tip over or be knocked over by children or pets. * Keep your tree away from any and all heat sources. * Make sure natural trees are well watered. * If you have purchased an artificial tree, please make sure it is labeled "fire retardant". * Unplug the tree lights...


Uses For An Led Flashlight In Your Car

When you are navigating the roadways, it's important to remember that anything can happen to you and your vehicle at any time. Your vehicle could breakdown, you could get a flat tire, you could be in an accident or you may come across one. When any of these events happen to you, it helps if you are prepared. One of the ways that you can be prepared for any eventuality is to have an emergency kit in your vehicle. You can purchase them at a hardware or outdoors store - a compact emergency kit that fits nicely into your vehicle without being in the way. They usually contain candles, an emergency blanket, flares, road cones, waterproof matches, and a flashlight or emergency light source. There are, of course, many uses for a flashlight or emergency light sources in your vehicle, especially if you are in a collision, have a flat tire, or if your vehicle breaks down. Where any light source will come in handy, most experts recommend having a LED flashlight or light source in your car because of they have a longer b...


Cause of Slip-and-Fall Injuries

At some point in life, most people have tripped and fallen to the ground. Most slip-and-fall injuries are caused by a sudden or unexpected change in the walking surface. An accident can occur if we are not previously aware of a change in the surface making us unable to change our behavior to avoid the fall. When a fall is caused by the carelessness of another person, then the fall can be cause for a slip-and-fall claim.'Slip-and-fall' is a term used for a personal injury case in which a person slips and falls and is injured due to the negligence of another person. These type of accidents fall under the broader legal term, 'personal premises liability.' 'Premises' means that the fall took place on someone else's property. The owner of the property may be held legally responsible for the accident. Properties can include a home, business, government facility, public property, town or city property,etc.There are many situations that can result in a person falling. This can include poor lighting, wet floor, narro...


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